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Thursday, September 29, 2005

German Companies Seek Partners in Azerbaijan

Baku Today / Assa Irada 27/09/2005 14:35 - A forum of businessmen of Azerbaijan and Baden Wurttemberg province of Germany started in Baku on Monday. Karsten Wifhausen, head of the economics department of the German embassy in Baku, said the event is aimed at further strengthening economic cooperation between businessmen. Deputy Minister for economic development Mikayil Jabbarov said Azerbaijan is one of the leading countries for economic growth rate. Jabbarov said the growth in the country made up 20% in January-August 2005 and will reach 30% in 2006. Similar forums will be organized in the future, he said. Horst Mehrlender, deputy minister for economics of Baden-Wurttemberg province, said the German delegation includes representatives of 14 enterprises operating in the fields of aluminum covers, chemical mechanical engineering, construction materials, devices and medical equipment. "German companies such as Bosch Rexroth, Fischer Motor Company, ProTech Professional Technical Services, and Hitech Trade are interested in finding partners in Azerbaijan," Mehrlender said. The deputy minister said that Azerbaijan has imported goods worth 36 million euros from Baden-Wurttemberg, with machines and devices amounting to 84% of the exported goods. A third of the gross domestic product in the German province is made up by foreign trade, he said. On Tuesday, German businessmen will get familiar with activity of several enterprises, prior to leaving the country for Kazakhstan. The German representatives' visit is paid on the initiative of the Exports and Investments Promotion Foundation, entrepreneurial development department of the ministry of economic development, the ministry of economics of Baden-Wurttemberg and the Germany-Azerbaijan Union of Economic Assistance.

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