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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Credit investments in economy increased for 32,5% in comparison with beginning of year

07-12-2005 Today.Az - Total credit investments in the economy of Azerbaijan formed 6558 milliard manats by November 1 of the current year. This showing increased 32,5 % in comparison with the beginning of the year and 44,2 % in comparison with November 1, 2004. According to the information given to APA from the press-service of the National Bank, 336,8 milliard manats or 5,13 % of credit investments fell to share of overdue credits without taking into consideration overdue credit investments of the "Agrarcredit" non-bank credit organization. 4128,4 milliard manats (62,9 %) of credits were short-term, 2429,6 milliard manats (37 %) long-term credits during this period. 239,5 milliard manats or 5,80 % of short-term credits and 97,3 milliard manats or 4 % of long-term credits are overdue credits. State banks invested 3276,6 milliard manats (49,96 %), private banks 3083,2 milliard manats (47,01 %), non-bank credit organizations 198,1 milliard manats (3,02 %) of credits in the economy. Banks established with participation of foreign capital directed 1243,4 milliard manats of credits to the economy of Azerbaijan and its special weight in total credit investments equals to 18,96 %. Banks acting with 100 % participation of foreign capital granted 118,6 milliard manats (1,81 %) of credits. 2584,9 milliard manats or 39,42 % of credits were given in manat, 3973 milliard manats or 60,58 % in currency. 1083 milliard manats (16,52 %) of credits were directed to the state sector and 5474 milliard manats (83,48 %) to the private sector.

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