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Monday, January 23, 2006

Azerbaijani speaker invites opposition to take part in parliament's work

BAKU. Jan 20 (Interfax-Azerbaijan) - Speaker of the Azerbaijani parliament Oktai Asadov has urged opposition deputies to take part in the work of parliament. "I find the refusal of opposition deputies to participate in the work of parliament wrong because each of them represents over 40,000 voters and must respect the votes of his voters," he told the press on Friday. Asadov voiced hope that the opposition would take part in the spring session of parliament. "I hope that opposition deputies will attend the spring session and live up to expectations by at least taking part in the work of parliament. Otherwise, steps prescribed by the law will be taken against them," Asadov said. The Azerbaijani parliament was elected on November 6, 2005. Deputies representing the opposition alliance Azadlyg refuse to take part in law-making, saying that the voting was rigged. For instance, former state secretary and leader of the Liberal Party and National Unity movement Lala Shovket Gajiyeva has forsaken her mandate.

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