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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Aliyev does not rule out possibility of resuming military operation between Azerbaijan and Armenia

 07–11–2006 Regnum News – Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev does not rule out a possibility of resuming military operation between Azerbaijan and Armenia. In an interview to Turkish Jumhurriyet daily made public by AzTV1 state television on July 10, Ilham Aliyev is reportedly saying that "a war is never ruled out. The current ceasefire is rather fragile, security measures do not provide full peace at the contact line." According to him, there are no other states' forces between Armenia and Azerbaijan, no peacekeeping troops, "so at any moment an unpleasant incident can occur." The Azerbaijani leader also rejected a possibility of holding a meeting a meeting of Azerbaijani and Armenian leaders in St. Petersburg during the G8 summit. "No. No such meeting is planned. For the last several months we have met twice, and the meetings have born no results," Aliyev noted. "There is no agreement between us. No matter what suppositions are made, they have no grounds. And the main reason for it is Armenia's destructive position," Ilham Aliyev is quoted as saying, adding that he gives a chance to Armenia to free voluntarily "occupied Azerbaijani territories" and settle the problem without bloodshed and war. "If we reach it, things will change in the region. Relations will improve, and cooperation will become possible. In future, Armenia, which is isolated from all international projects, will be able to join them. The Armenian people can gain profit from it," Ilham Aliyev concluded, reports.

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