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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Anne E. Derse - The US attaches great importance to Azerbaijan as its strategic ally

29 Sen. 2006 13:00 - Azeri Press Information Agency - Aydin Aliyev, chair of the State Customs Committee has received US ambassador to Azerbaijan Anne E. Derse. The Committee press service told APA that Mr. Aliyev said political, economic and commercial relations between the two strategic allies Azerbaijan and the US have also influenced customs sphere. He briefed the ambassador of the role of customs committee in formation of the budget incomes and assurance of the economic security and development of new customs code. He expressed hope that “Agreement between the USA and Azerbaijan on mutual assistance and cooperation” will shortly be signed. He said he acquainted himself with FLETC in the US and asked the Ms. Derse to help Azerbaijani customs officers take part in training there. The ambassador said the US attaches great importance to Azerbaijan as its strategic ally and she was pleased with the level of political and economic cooperation between the two countries. She said training of the Azerbaijani customs officers in FLETC ca be considered. Aydin Aliyev conferred the “Order of merits in customs cooperation” on the US embassy attache for export control and border problems.

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