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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Great Britain is major investor in Azerbaijan

AzerbaijanGreat Britain01-18-2007 Regnum News - In 2006, Great Britain remained the leading foreign investor in the economy of Azerbaijan, a REGNUM correspondent informs. According to the Azerbaijani National Statistical Committee, with the amount of 3.229 bln manats (about $3.7 bln), the UK with investment worth over $1.7 bln secured 46.9% of the total foreign investment. The United States invested 560.414 mln manats (17.4% of foreign investments), Japan 312.657 mln manats (9.7%), Germany 213.402 mln manats (6.6%). The countries in the list are followed by Norway (6.4%) and Turkey (6.2%). The highest investment growth rate (+2.8 times) was demonstrated by Israel, but its investment was 1.35 of the total amount. Largest investments among international institutions were made by World Bank (0.7%), EBRD (0.3%) and the Islamic Development Bank (0.1%).

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