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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Baku oil refineries fail to meet plan on oil products in 2007

07 January 2008 - Day.Az - In 2007 the oil refineries of Azerbaijan underfulfilled the production plan by 5.84%, producing only 7,504,170 tons of oil products in place of the planned 7,970,000 tons. According to the press service for SOCAR, of the said volume 4,179,590 tons were produced by the Baku oil refinery named after Heydar Aliyev 3,324,580 tons by Azerneftyag. Yet the total volume of production is 0.7% higher as compared to 2006. At the same time, in December the oil refineries produced 6,423,200 tons of oil products, which is 5.28% lower than the plan, with the Baku oil refinery named after Heydar Aliyev accounting for 81,210 tons and Azerneftyag for 561,110 tons. The structure of production is as follows:
• motor gasoline-94,026 tons-91.16% of the plan (1,129,040 tons-102.88% in 2007);
• virgin gasoline-18,250 tons -79.69% (280.640 tons-77.27%);
• kerosene KO-20-6,240 tons-46.22% (31,950 tons-26.19%);
• diesel fuel-183,570 tons-104.60% (2,100,000 tons-101.95%);
• common oven fuel-0 tons-0% (420 tons-0%);
• marketable oven fuel-169,740 tons-82.08% (2,203,900 tons-83.89%);
• oil bitumen-13,570 tons-83.77% (182,860 tons-101.59%);
• oil coke-11,620 tons (84,740 tons-no plan for production set);
• lubricants-5,050 tons-70.63% (53,500 tons-63.69%);
• butane-butylene-15,070 tons-106.13% (145,030 tons-102.57%);
• propane-propylene-0 tons;
• motor oil-7,710 tons-113.38% (66,540 tons-83.18%).

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