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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Oil transportation accounting for greater share in Azerbaijan's export

26 December 2007 - Day.Az - Crude oil and oil products made up 80.6% of Azerbaijani export within 11 months of 2007. In line with the press-release of the State Customs Committee of Azerbaijan, issued Wednesday, the share of crude oil in the overall volume of export made up 53.7% and the share of oil products nearly 27%. The share of oil and oil products has experienced a 2% decline through the reported period as compared to January-November of 2006. At the same time, the share of crude oil in the total export fell by 5.6% and share of oil products rose by 2.4%. Oil and oil products are followed by the following goods: fruits and vegetables-2.5% of export, chemical products-1.5%, aluminum and its products-1.5%, animal and vegetable oil -1.42%, ferrous metals and their products-1.2%, cotton-0.5%, alcohol and non-alcohol drinks-4.5%, tobacco and tobacco wares-0.1%. Other goods make up for 10.3% of export. Through the reported period Azerbaijani import comprised 30.2% mechanical and electrical device and spare parts, 15.2% transport means and spare parts, 11.8% foodstuffs, 11.2% ferrous metals and their products, 1.6% pharmaceutical wares, 1.3% timber and timber products, 1% oil gas and other gas hydrocarbons, 1% consumer goods. Other goods accounted for the rest 26% of import. The volume of external trade turnover of Azerbaijan made up $10.5 billion, including $5.5 billion of export and about $5 billion of import.

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