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Thursday, January 10, 2008

SOCAR declares forecasts on oil products for 2008

08 January 2008 - Day.Az - Baku oil refineries intend to deepen oil refining by 9% bringing it to 75.2% in 2008. According to the press service for SOCAR, production of gasoline will be brought to 1,372,000 tons with 910,000 tons for inner consumption, 462,000 tons for export. It should be noted that oil refineries produce 1,136,000 tons of gasoline in 2007 including 379,700 tons used on the domestic market and 756,300 tons exported. There is a plan to produce 2,583,000 tons of diesel fuel including 806,000 tons for inner consumption and 1,777,000 tons for export in 2008. To compare: production of diesel fuel totaled 2,117,800 tons in 2007, including 710,800 tons used on the domestic market and 1,407,000 tons exported. Production of liquid gas will be brought to the level of 214,000 tons from the last year 157,000 tons and oil coke to 175,000 tons from 79,200 tons.

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