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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Oil and oil products make up 88% of Azerbaijan's export

03 March 2008 - Today.Az – Crude oil and oil products made up 87.79% of the overall export of Azerbaijan in January of 2006. The due information has been provided by Novosti-Azerbaijan with reference to the State Customs Committee of Azerbaijan. The share of crude oil in the overall export made up 67.74% and oil products 20-05%. In the said period, the share of crude oil and oil products in export has risen by 5,25% as compared to January of 2007. At the same time, the share of oil in the whole export has risen by 1.1% and oil products by 4.15%. Moreover, in January Azerbaijan exported aluminum and aluminum wares, fruits and vegetables, chemical products, metals, butter, drinks, cotton, as well as tobacco and tobacco wares. As for Azerbaijan's import in January, transport means and their components made up 35.06%, mechanical, electric and electric and technical facilities and spare parts made up 22.09%, foodstuffs 11.57%. The country also imported metals, medicines, timber and timber wares, as well as other products.

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