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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

International conference on combat with corruption to be held in Baku

30 March 2008 - Today.Az - An international conference on unification of efforts in combat with corruption started in Baku on Tuesday. "Creation of an anti-corruption department under the General Prosecution has become an important stage in government's combat with corruption", Kamran Aliyev, chief of the said department, told Day.Az. He announced that 102 criminal cases of 198 officials, charged with bribery, abuse of powers and other misdeeds, have been completed in the result of steps undertaken by the department since 2005 and preliminary investigation is carried out on 28 criminal cases. Fikret Mamedov, Azerbaijan's Ministry of Justice, opening the session, said that complex measures against corruption are undertaken in the country. "Today's arrangement will reveal new priorities in this direction", the Minister considers. "Azerbaijan is one of the leading country by its economic growth rates and the high level of economic growth, in turn, creates favorable conditions for corruption", Mamedov noted.

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