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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Natiq Aliyev - Azerbaijan will primarily export gas to Europe

17 June 2008 - ARA News - Azerbaijan will be able to export more gas to Russia, Iran, Turkey and other countries after Umid, Babek, Sherg, Nakhchivan, Absheron and other promising gas fields go on stream in the Azerbaijan sector of the Caspian Sea, said the country’s minister of industry and energy. Natiq Aliyev added that Azerbaijan's main objective is to deliver its natural gas to Europe and that’s why the increasing amounts of gas will primarily be pumped to Europe. 'Directing gas flow routes towards Europe will enable Azerbaijan to reach several goals, such as European integration, approaching the EU and getting keys to political, economic and commercial issues,' he underlined. According to him, Russia, Iran, Greece, Italy, Switzerland and several other countries intend to buy Azeri gas. 'Azerbaijan is enjoying a rapid growth of revenues from oil and gas and the growth will continue. It would be premature now to say how Azeri gas will be delivered to the market after 2013,' he added.

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